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JOHN ROSS - The Australian - 7 Feb 2017

The US intelligence community’s research arm has contracted two Australian universities to beef up the quality of American security analysis, in a bid to avoid repeats of last decade’s catastrophic blunders.

SWARM Project Co-Lead Tim van Gelder

Image: Paul Burston, University of Melbourne


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JAMES WELLS - Campus Review - 9 Feb 2017

SWARM Project co-leader A/Prof Fiona Fidler joins James Wells on Campus Review Radio to discuss our multimillion dollar grant from a US government intelligence agency to conduct research aimed at improving human reasoning.

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JESSE MULLIGAN - Radio NZ - 9 Feb 2017

Dr Tim van Gelder is interviewed by Radio NZ's Jesse Mulligan about the University of Melbourne based SWARM Project.

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The Melbourne Newsroom 7 Feb 2017

The University of Melbourne is one of four teams worldwide awarded a share of funding from the US Government’s Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), in what may be one of the largest-ever research efforts aimed at improving human reasoning.

The University of Melbourne’s multidisciplinary team, SWARM (Smartly-assembled Wiki-style Argument Marshalling), has been allocated up to US$19 million to develop and road-test research into crowdsourcing intelligence analysis to leverage people’s ability to produce and evaluate reasoning.

ANDREW TROUNSON - Pursuit 7 Feb 2017

Seventeenth century German polymath Gottfried Leibniz said ruefully that if we had a set of scales to weigh the merits of competing arguments, we would have something more valuable than any miraculous science for making gold.

In what may be one of the largest research efforts aimed at improving human reasoning, the US Government is putting real gold behind a global effort to find Leibniz’s wished for scales. But they are not looking to artificial intelligence or to highly-trained experts. They hope to find the answer in the crowd - you and I.


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